Kerry Newcomb – Trademark Attorney: Testimonial
“Kerry will respond immediately and will deal with you in “plain English”.Her advice is solid and complete and inspires confidence. You are not left feeling like you need to go back again to clarify one more issue.

Her work is prompt, thorough and organized. These qualities are key when you are representing clients on the otherside of the world”.
Jennifer Morton – Gowlings Canada

Kerry Newcomb – Trademark Attorney: Testimonial

“As a small business owner trying to establish a firm presence in the automotive industry, I was advised, by a business advisor, to commence a Trade Mark application to ‘safe guard’ our name and presence in this competitive industry. Unfortunately, I had not met Kerry Newcomb before commencing this challenging process and only engaged her services, when we were advised that others may be ‘treading on our trade mark ‘toes’.  Thank heavens for Kerry’s expert guidance and knowledge without which the whole process would have been, undeniably, more stressful and confusing than it eventuated to be. We experienced a rather challenging opponent intent on taking on a ‘fighting/aggressive’ to settling the matter in a mutually beneficial manner.

Kerry helped us make very informed decisions, standing firm when we knew we could and, above all, not allowing ourselves to be intimidated in the face of aggression. We have found Kerry to be extremely professional in her legal dealings and indeed a friendly voice of reason during a difficult legal time for us. We are sincerely grateful to Kerry for her undertstanding when legal jargon needed to be explained (in very simple terms for me!) and for making me feel it was okay to ask any question, regardless if it was an obvious one to her.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Kerry should you need a Trade Mark Attorney. Her approach is tactful yet direct. Her knowledge of this legal field is overwhelmingly impressive and should I ever find myself in the future need of her assistance, she will be on speed dial!”
Jo Miller – SVS Autocare Pty Ltd
Kerry Newcomb Trademark Attorney Australia.